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Official interviews and statements, quoted below, show that ten named witnesses outside in Dealey Plaza noticed suspicious activity on an upper floor of the TSBD from about until the time of the shooting:. Some of this evidence suggests that Oswald was the man with the gun; some of it suggests otherwise. The official evidence is not only ambiguous but also incomplete.

Warren Commission Hearings , vol. Some of these witnesses have been interviewed by journalists and private researchers in the years since the assassination. Howard Brennan was one of the four witnesses in Dealey Plaza who noticed a gunman. Lee Harvey Oswald was white, slender, and 24 years old.

Official documents e. On the day of his arrest, he weighed pounds 9 stones, 5 pounds; 59 kg ; Warren Commission Hearings , vol. All three descriptions could reasonably have applied to Oswald, but could also have applied to any number of young white men. Although the Warren Commission enthusiastically promoted Brennan as the star witness in its case against Oswald , the House Select Committee on Assassinations was more sceptical, and declined to use Brennan.

Five of the six witnesses who saw a man on the sixth floor of the TSBD were able to describe his clothing. All of them said that he was wearing light—coloured clothes:. Oswald did not wear a light—coloured shirt with an open neck on the day of the assassination. At the time of his arrest, Oswald was wearing a brown shirt over a white T—shirt, and dark trousers see e.

This is consistent with the accounts of the two witnesses who described the shirt he was wearing while at the TSBD:. The very latest sighting of Oswald on the sixth floor by a TSBD employee occurred more than half an hour before the assassination: Charles Givens testified that he saw Oswald there at Warren Commission Hearings , vol.

Givens may, however, not be reliable; his testimony contradicts a statement he had made to the FBI on the day after the assassination Commission Document 5, p. Several employees saw Oswald having lunch on a lower floor after Givens claimed to have seen him on the sixth floor e. One employee, Bonnie Ray Williams, spent about 10 minutes on the sixth floor from around , and claimed that he was the only person present on that floor Warren Commission Hearings , vol. It is quite possible that Oswald had not set foot on the sixth floor for an hour or more before the assassination. Although he had visited the sixth floor that morning, he had been working on the fifth floor immediately before beginning his lunch break at about ibid.

According to second—hand accounts, he appears to have claimed to have been on the first floor of the TSBD Warren Report , p.

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Oswald was seen by a TSBD employee, Carolyn Arnold , on either the first or second floor a few minutes before the shooting, at about the same time as Arnold Rowland saw a gunman on the sixth floor. It was suggested early on that Oswald was visible in a photograph, standing on the front steps of the TSBD during the shooting, but this was almost certainly the result of a misidentification. Although Oswald appears to have owned the rifle discovered on the sixth floor , the eye—witness evidence casts doubt on the notion that he was the man seen with the rifle during the assassination.

Wherever he was, Oswald almost certainly was not guilty of killing President Kennedy. I could see the large red brick building across the street from where I was sitting.

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I take this building across the street to be about 7 stories anyway in the east end of the building and the second row of windows from the top I saw a man in this window. He was just sitting up there looking down apparantly [ sic ] waiting for the same thing I was to see the President. I did not notice anything unusual about this man. He had on light colored clothing but definately [ sic ] not a suit.

I then saw this man I have described in the window and he was taking aim with a high powered rifle. I could see all of the barrel of the gun. I do not know if it had a scope on it or not. I was looking at the man in this window at the time of the last explosion. Then this man let the gun down to his side and stepped down out of sight. He did not seem to be in any hurry.

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I could see this man from about his belt up. There was nothing unusual about him at all in appearance.

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I believe that I could identify this man if I ever saw him again. From her fifth floor apartment window at Lansdowne and College, after hearing yells, Liza Balkan looked down on the scene unfolding outside a 7-Eleven. Read more about how this encounter sparked her to create Out the Window on Toronto Star It's been nearly 18 years since the night Liza Balkan saw Otto Vass die after a brutal beating by police, Balkan is still sharing his story. Read and watch her interview on CBC.

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