Guide Anger Management: 21 Ways To Go From Mad To Glad And Find Peace In Your Life

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Is your anger causing strain on your relationship? Scaring your children? Take time to reflect on how your anger could be affecting those around you. Are you feeling depressed? Learn about communicating with others in a healthy way. Being able to talk rationally and calmly when you start to feel angry can be an important part of relieving anger. Consider taking an anger management course or going to counseling. You can speak confidentially with a non-judgmental advocate about these behaviors and discuss steps for getting help. I am pleased that the See Red? I appreciate that you shared your comment with us.

We here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. If something comes up that you want to talk about more, please reach out to us at God Bless you man. Have a great day. Aiming to talk yourself out of legitimate anger because it will be less stressful in the long run is advice that borders on incompetence. Burying serious anger is similar to ignoring a broken gas pipe in the basement,.. What you are in fact doing is building a bomb that could eventually spark and take the whole house with it.

The editors of Psychology Today completely dropped the ball on this one. I agree. I have a tidal wave of anger that hits.

I have had this explosive anger since I was really little. Can't stop it. You can stop it. My dad had a very "short fuse", but he eventually mellowed out and learned better ways to handle his emotions and thoughts.

Seeing Red? How To Cool Off When You’re Angry

Anyone can learn and grow. It's common sense that anger hurts everyone and accomplishes little. Read Wayne Dyer, he is a genius, so wise, sensible and positive. I think people that have experienced trauma in their life are more prone to experience uncontrollable anger. Such as those who faced combat, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse as a child, or as an adult. When a person I know asks for a suggestion, I respond, usually with, "I really like this one".

I think they feel as if I'm trying to control them. Well, back yrs ago, someone harmed them repeatedly. Nothing I say at that point can convince them that I just responded to their question, I could care LESS what they choose, and their response is off the charts. Then, there's the boy who never felt loved by his parents. He grew up hurt, and that turned into anger.

He feels no one ever considered his needs and took care of him. For myself, some boyfriends treated me like a prostitute. My "No" meant nothing to them. They kept manipulating, setting me up, pressuring me, and some just took what they wanted.

The general look on his face was one of disgust or anger. At a young age, when he got home, I'd look around the corner to see if he was in a good mood or a bad mood. If a good mood, I'd come out, but never run up to say Hi. And if a bad mood, I'd go back to my room. Now, if someone ignores me, I think they're mad at me. My "I must have done something wrong? When my boss would slam his door, I immediately thought he was upset with me.

I sat right by the door. So, instead of wonder and get stuck in "worry and fear", I would ask. He'd look at me like, smile and say, "No Believe me, there's always a reason, though it may not be very rational or based on here-and-now circumstances. Can you explore what from you past is yet unresolved and how the present-day situation might have activated it--that is, unconsciously brought it to the surface.

A lot of your anger may be OLD anger that's now being tapped into because you've never come to emotional terms with it. And until you can make the right connections and begin a healing process to make final peace with this anger it's bound to pollute your current relationship. Seltzer, will you please present a methodology to identify the root cause of my an other readers' anger?

I suspect my anger is common for a middle child left at hands of spiteful older sibling while parents worked outside of home or with younger siblings. However, I am not sure that is definitely the root cause. Also, if it is the root cause, can you present a methodology to deal with it and resolve it once and for all?

Exactly my first thought Do they know passion??? Living a life without a few upsets would be a nonlife. I have some sympathy with the last comment. It is quite tricky to avoid a tsunami of anger by just taking a step back. One of the problems is that anger is a negative emotion that tends to get stored up over many years. Each separate episode of anger that we experience in life stores up in our system if we do not learn to process the anger when we get it. When we experience a new episode of anger we tend to get all the other anger that is stored up coming out.

This often results in a overreaction and the results can be very destructive. One way of getting rid of all your stored up anger is demonstrated in a video Getting rid of anger using NLP techniques. This article is infuriating. I am more angry now than I was before. If we had figured out a way to relax ourselves, we would not have an anger problem.

Anger management is not just figuring out how to avoid punching someone in the face; it is about learning how to calm yourself and actually RID yourself of the anger, not just suppress it. This article is really not at all helpful. If you write an article to try to help people, there should actually be some substance to it. Just how the hell does all of this psycho-babble help someone that is 63 yrs old, and grew up in a home with angry parents???

Seeing Red? How To Cool Off When You're Angry | The National Domestic Violence Hotline

My dad used to get so angry so often, he would slam doors, cabinets, etc. My dad was right when he always said that all of you "counselors" are crazy yourselves! Sorry to have disappointed you. It's just possible that if you look at some of my other posts on anger I've written maybe a half-dozen on the subject , you'll find something that may be of some practical use to you.

Self Coaching 101 The Model

Dr Seltzer, there is one thing I should have said to you at the beginning: thank you for sharing the information about strategies to deal with anger. I appreciate it that you are trying to help, most people don't try to help someone who is angry, they just try to get away. You deserve credit and thanks for that. And I'm sorry I said you didn't have a pair, that was uncalled for. I think you have some excellent ideas, Dr. I think most of the people that had ugly things to say have deep-seated psychological issues and just want to spew.

Thanks for writing. I find this article naive and insulting not to mention poorly edited. I'm shocked that Psychology Today would damage their credibility by publishing it. Telling a chronically angry person to just go Relax and Re-assess, is equivalent to telling an obese person to 'just go on a diet'.

One tip I learned from a Qigong instructor has been helpful to me: When you find yourself in the midst of an anger attack also called an 'Amygdala hijack' allow your face to go completely slack. It's impossible to be in active rage when your face is lifeless.

My instructor advises that you daily practice and train this technique it only takes seconds before you need it, so that it becomes a reflex when anger comes over you. I must be nice to live in your own created fairy tale land. You don't have a clue what you're talking about or are an pro at manipulating the people around you Waste of time reading You don't have a clue what you're talking about or are a pro at manipulating the people around you Thank you for the two step process of ridding myself of anger.

I had a borderline personality adopted mother who alternated between witch and queen. Furthermore, I got pigeonholed as the "all bad child. Needless to say, it is not productive, but instead has resulted in lengthy and engrossing rumination. Since RAD entails emotion regulation and self-soothing deficits, this has been particularly challenging, and makes relaxing a challenge too the first of the two steps.

Thanks for listening. I might add the real challenge is not to displace the specific anger, since psychological with such pathological rage it tends to become more generalized, and thus even more counter-productive. Thanks for posting this article very helpful to decrease anger as The first step in building a healthy approach to anger is to notice the feeling — and accept it. The key is to recognize the anger quickly, before the worse situation came. Once you're calm, express your anger: As soon as you're thinking clearly, express your frustration in an assertive but nonconfrontational way.

State your concerns and needs clearly and directly, without hurting others or trying to control them. Deep breathing can control anger instantly: Count to three as you inhale, hold the breath in your lungs for three more seconds, and count to three again as you exhale. Identify possible solutions: Instead of focusing on what made you mad, work on resolving the issue at hand. Anger can affect not only you, but the people in your life as well.

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It casts a negative feeling on those around you. Your article is really very helpful for managing the anger. Surely people will get the advantages of these useful steps. Learn to assert yourself, expressing your feelings calmly and directly without becoming defensive, hostile, or emotionally charged.

Consult self-help books on assertiveness or seek help from a professional therapist to learn how to use assertiveness and anger management skills. It takes two people to keep an argument going. If a conflict is going nowhere, you can choose to disengage and move on. How can you even get by with doing this crap?!? That 5 minutes could have been useful to my life. For example, I could have been looking at some other website. Good article in as much as it is standard psychology for everything - relax and re-evaluate.

I have spent my whole life blaming myself for the abuse of others. Now, following a major trauma, I am feeling the anger. I hate myself for it BUT relaxing when you're in the middle of an abusive situation is impossible - who has time to react with guided visulaisation? Also reading the evaluation questions is just another way for psychology to blame the victim for how they feel. You've misconstrued. You've misjudged. Maybe, just maybe we are justified in being angry at certain peoples abusive behaviour?

Maybe the ONLY thing we have, given our powerlessness, is to feel some anger. I wonder who picked all the stock photos? I am just one of people who is working on my anger and I can share what has been working for me. I do not take meds or go to psychologists.

So, to start. For everyone who responded or will respond with anger to Dr. Seltzer's article or my comment I just want to say that in the end his two steps to anger management is what's going to get you to act and feel better. The hardest part not that relax and reevaluate is easy is to get to the point where you can attempts to relax and reevaluate. When it comes to anger the only thing that is fast is our reactions. It took me a while to just realize i had anger issues.

A lot of you obviously already are past this point and that's the first step. You just have to continue and work on yourself, I'll explain i have a lot to say so might take a few postings and a few days to do so. None of you are going to start having weeks or days where your anger won't show itself. It will be baby steps: maybe you will not get irritated with your 3 year old for acting like a kid, maybe you'll let your partner, coworker or stranger get away with screwing something up accidentally because you'll realize it wasn't done on purpose and that they are humans.

One act at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time will evengually get you to being less angry for half hour, an hour, two hours, half a day, a day, etc. It can lead to divorce, unemployment, alienation from children and family, and loneliness. Even the nicest of people can fall victim to anger. But what matters is how you cope with and diffuse the situation when you feel your blood pressure rising. By using logic, perspective and empathy, anyone can defeat anger. Once you are able to do that your family, work and social life will be more harmonious.

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