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That night, Mother began to cry around bedtime. Carine had no idea why Mother was crying, but she hugged her and dried the tears. Everything will be alright.

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In the morning, Mother left Carine with Grandmother and only came back in the evening. The same routine repeated itself for the next few days. After a week, Carine began to wonder about Father. But she always saw him on Sabbaths when they went to church. Mother looked away.

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  • Jesus does miracles, and He will do a miracle for Daddy. That night, Mother opened the Bible and read to Carine the story about Jesus giving sight to a blind man. Later at night, Carine noticed Mother crying in bed. She sensed that the tears were about Father. Father was lying in a hospital bed with white bandages on his head. He smiled and greeted Carine. Carine was thrilled to see Father, and she watched the video again and again.

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    • The next day, Mother brought another video from Father. Finally, a month after the fun family outing, Father came home.

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      Carine wept with joy and ran into his arms. Father looked tired, and he moved slowly, but he was glad to see his daughter. She thanked God for bringing Father home. Her father, Andre, 38, tells how he and two other police officers came under a hail of gunfire when they drove into a crime-ridden neighborhood in Salvador on Sept.

      He was the only police officer injured when a large. It's important for you to hear this When I grew up, everyone was okay with being in a bubble. They were cool in their circle.

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      That's fine. But no one should discourage someone if they have a dream, if they want something more [ So, this song is about that. It's about the moment that you wake up and you decide you want to go for every single dream you ever want. It starts with a teenage girl sitting on a bench at night, and lead singer Brent Smith in the background. It shows that she has a job helping a fisherman. She also has a boyfriend. She aspires to be a ballerina, and wants to go to a dance school.

      She is seen dancing in her garage a few times in the music video. However, her family is somewhat dysfunctional, with her parents shown fighting all the time. She looks out for her younger brother, and often takes care of him. When she asks her mother for permission to go to the school one day, her mother immediately refuses, showing her bills, and shouting at her.

      The girl thinks about all the things in her life that make her happy, and decides to run away to attend the school. She leaves a note for her parents, and she looks in on her younger brother asleep, before leaving the house. She then goes to the bench where the music video began, bringing the music video to full circle.

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      When her parents read the note, it makes them realize that they didn't make the best choices in raising her, but they have a second chance by choosing to let her go. Lead singer, Brent Smith, is shown singing alone on a hill throughout the video, and the girl is shown practicing her dancing in the garage frequently.

      One More Song to Sing

      At the end of the video, the girl gets on a bus, where Brent Smith and the other members of the band are riding on as well. The video stars a couple of local people; the girl is played by Alanna Massey, of nearby Parrish, Florida, and the little brother is William Bernet who lives across the street from Corky and Brenda Parker's house whose home is featured as the girl's home in the video.

      It reached the top spot on Billboard ' s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks on December 27, , then hit number one on the Hot Modern Rock Tracks on February 14, and marked the first time the band had topped multiple charts. On June 20, , "Second Chance" reached number one on the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart, almost nine months after its original release. On the Billboard Hot , it peaked at number seven, making it not only their first and, to date, only top 40 single to date " I Dare You " was their first Hot single in , but also their first top 10 single.

      It's also their debut single on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks chart, debuting at number On Mainstream Top 40 radio, the song has done exceptionally well for a rock song, peaking within the top three there at number three. It is their first charting single on the Canadian Hot as well, so far peaking at number Overall, "Second Chance" is Shinedown's third of six singles to top the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart to date, having spent 10 weeks at number one beginning December 27, On the Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart, it is their only number one single to date, having spent three non-consecutive weeks at number one beginning February 14, It was also their only number one single to date on the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks chart having spent seven consecutive weeks at number one beginning June 20, which is three weeks less than the song's stay on the Mainstream Rock chart and four weeks longer than the song's stay on the Modern Rock chart.

      It charted poorly on the Rock Songs chart at number eight since the song came out and already had success before the chart came out on June 20, It has stated that if the chart came out before the song or song came out later, it would've also hit number one or at least hit the top five on the chart.

      It was later number one for a second time on June