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Malaysia's Favourite Movie Site Since He rose up and shook himself in great wrath , and searched every corner of his den to find the Mouse. Accused of treason, yet innocent, he fell a victim to "the wrath of princes," the wrath of that hot-headed King Henry VIII. Not by wrath but by laughter doth one kill'--thus spakest thou once, O Zarathustra, thou hidden one, thou destroyer without wrath , thou dangerous saint,--thou art a rogue View in context.

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He dressed in haste, and as though carrying his cup full of wrath , and fearing to spill any over, fearing to lose with his wrath the energy necessary for the interview with his wife, he went into her room directly he heard she was up. Seen in the brook once more was the shadowy wrath of Pearl's image, crowned and girdled with flowers, but stamping its foot, wildly gesticulating, and, in the midst of all, still pointing its small forefinger at Hester's bosom.

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For who can admit the fault imputed to Homer by Protagoras,--that in the words, 'Sing, goddess, of the wrath ,' he gives a command under the idea that he utters a prayer? Most of his poems, other than certain political satire, which drew on him the Emperor's wrath , are full of subtle sadness and fragrant regret, reminding one of pot-pourri in some deep blue porcelain bowl. But the effect of the endless parade of jump scares and eerie sounds soon wears out and they become almost mundane.

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As a jumbled mess of jump scares, it does have the element of surprise in its favour, but sudden shocks just stop being scary after they materialise. As a result, the climax is laughable.

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There is a scene towards the end that takes on a perspective of an infrared vision, for which the director seemed to have taken a page out of Silence Of The Lambs. But it is done so crudely that it is neither gripping nor interesting.

The biggest problem is that it feels so … old. Looking at the original Wrath now, it is a joke. The lines are old-fashioned, the story is one-dimensional and the effects are embarrassing.