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Any group working on marine natural products and many groups exploring microbial metabolites will find value in this compilation.

This is an excellent reference book for researchers who are interested in marine natural products. The written descriptions of taxonomy and compound classes derived exclusively from marine natural products are particularly useful John W.

Dictionary of Marine Natural Products with CD-ROM

Blunt, Co-Editor. Stay on CRCPress. Exclusive web offer for individuals on all book. Preview this Book.

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Blunt, Murray H. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Reviews Additional Resources. About this product Description Description. Driven by the vast, yet largely unexplored, potential of bioactive organisms in the ocean and improvements in analytical techniques to facilitate their research, natural products scientists face an increasing need for single-source reference cataloging the current kwledge and state-of-the-science regarding marine natural products.

Dictionary of Marine Natural Products by Taylor & Francis Ltd (Mixed media product, 2007)

Dictionary of Marine Natural Products with CD-ROM presents a comprehensive resource for more than 25, kwn natural products drawn from marine organisms. Following a similar format to the Chapman and Hall Chemical Database, this dictionary indexes each product by chemical name, CAS registry number, and compound type. Documenting all kwn marine natural products, each entry includes the biological source, chemical structure, physical properties, biological activity, and literature references for each compound.

An accompanying CD-ROM is fully text and structure-searchable and enables unique access to this valuable resource. The editors, John Blunt and Murray Munro, both pioneers in the field, also provide an introductory mograph that describes structural compound types and marine organisms. As the search comprises a first rapid screen followed by an exhaustive atom by atom second stage the scale up time from entries to 80, will not be linear but could take a considerable time.

It is a simple step to combine the results from both search strategies. This package does offer considerable advantages over the traditional paper-based dictionaries.

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For search strategies more complex than merely looking up a compound the ability to combine search results saves a great deal of time. The ability to do both text and sub-structure searches and combine the results makes this a powerful information system. The software has been carefully designed and as a result is easy to use. The one disappointment is the quality of the output obtained when a print out is requested. It would appear that the package generates its own fonts, which are low resolution matrix characters, rather than using the native fonts support by Windowsm, TrueType or ATM.

The overall conclusion is that this is a useful resource.

It is based on primary data that already has its own reputation; the current significant offering aids accessibility to that information. Each user and institution, however, will have to make their own judgement as to whether the cost involved for hardware and software is justifiable. Published on Dec View Download 4. Springer Verlag, Berlin. DM It contained the full interrogation software but a small sub-set of the data- base; compounds against over 80, in the full version.

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