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It's my time. It's my season of planting and harvests. You're coming into such a heavy rain of my glory! Today: heavy rain. Tomorrow: heavy rain. Next week: heavy rain. Next year: heavy rain, heavy rain, heavy rain! You'll live in the reality of Hosea Chapter 6.

Your weather forecast for your life is heavy rain. Wherever you go you will be under a cloud of My heavy rain presence, wherever your feet may trod. And know this, the rain will only get heavier, and heavier. The heavy, weighty, kabod of my presence will come upon you, and you will be a carrier of my glory, an ark of my covenant in the earth. And where you walk, you will walk with glory feet.

Your feet will be on fire for me," says the Lord. And you'll say, 'The king is here! The king is here! David Lebo of Tidal Wave Ministries , has a passion for awakening among the nations, boldly proclaiming the word of the Lord as a voice of "one crying in the wilderness".

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So am I. So are you on the inside, and it can abound in your mind, in your thinking, and in your actions, even to the point that your body gets so full of the Holy Spirit that sin, sickness, and disease cannot work in you anymore. It's dead to all that stuff.

This is the goodness of God. Humility wakes up in you everything that belongs to God and imparts it into your life. Pride will guarantee that you will resist God because pride is the old man and the Bible says that the old man cannot submit to God. That's why the Holy Spirit had to put the old man on the cross and crucify him. Now I'm alive unto God in Christ Jesus. I am a new creation. Things of that old man have passed away. Now I have to learn how to allow the Lord grow me supernaturally. If I were in charge, I'd be about six feet four, but I'm five feet nine.

When you eat food, you know that your body is made to process that food to digest it, to send it into your blood system to nourish you. You understand that, but you don't sit there and consciously think about what that food is doing every time you eat a meal; you just eat and enjoy.

Our Father in heaven.

It's doing this work, now going down my stomach, now my stomach juices are digesting, and it's going into my bloodstream…". Taste and see that the Lord is good!

The Elder Scrolls: A Promise Unfulfilled - Complete Elder Scrolls Documentary, History and Analysis

I don't have to think about it, it becomes automatic, and my thinking changes. My actions change. My personality changes into the image of Christ. I used to be an angry young man. I was so mad at the world, but that old man is dead now. Will he try and creep up again? I'm too busy thinking about the new man, and I don't have time for the old man anymore. Some of you ought to be happy. You can no more make yourself like Jesus than the man in the moon. It is impossible for you to do anything in yourself, or to do anything that will cause God to do anything in your life.

It only works as I yield and willingly receive everything he's done, everything he has given to me and everything he has left that works in me. He does the changing in me. I can't change myself into the image of Christ. That's why I love you. That's why I love humanity, and that's why I love God; because he's doing the work in me; not me, as the new man agrees with him.

This is what is yours! This is what the blood of Jesus purchased. This is what God will do in your life because of the blood covenant. Notice that you didn't have to do anything, except to receive it. That's what humility is all about. I want to walk in what's new, and it automatically, supernaturally takes place in my life. The proof is how much more God is being developed in me, so that others begin to recognize Christ in me, instead of the old man.

I don't need to be the boss anymore, and I don't have to be in charge anymore. I don't have to get the last word in anymore. I don't have to say anything. We can't be so busy talking that we're not listening to God. We need to be quiet. Be still and know that I am God. We cannot possibly figure out the will of God for our lives on our own. It's impossible, but as we read the word, and meditate on it, he has promised me that he'll equip me with everything good that I might do his will.

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That means that if God calls me to do something, it's up to him to make sure it happens, not me. That's going back to self-righteousness, so I will just let him do it. I believe that this building, everything, is all paid off. Because God said to do it and wherever he guides he provides. I never pray over the finances of this church. I don't do that because I believe that I'm in the will of God, so it's up to God take care of everything financially. I know pastors who have churches of three or four hundred people, and they have to work a full-time job because of the church.

Most pastors that I talk to are dealing with financial issues in their church. Do you want to know why? Because they're trying to do things in their own strength. I don't actually say that to them, but sometimes I want to. If they listen to me, I'll try and correct them. I've tried to correct some other pastors, and they wouldn't listen to me. What I correct them with is the word of God. I say,. It's up to him. Did God tell you to buy that piece of property?

If he said to buy it, he's got to give you the money to buy it, and here's the key… If he doesn't give you the money, it wasn't God. You can look around out there in the community. I know a lot of pastors who have committed Ishmaels. They say,. We've got to pay for this. Guess what? They just missed God. God's will is for you to allow the blood covenant that he made through his Son, to do what he wants to do and what only he can do in your life. So, if God has told you to do something, he will equip you for everything you need to do it.

That even refers to your personality. How difficult is that? When Jesus said it was finished, it was finished! Now, by the blood covenant, God can work in me what's pleasing to him. Stop thinking that way! That's your flesh. Just slap your flesh and say this,. He's making me like himself. He's doing the work, and it's not me. I'm just going to be humble enough let him do it. Here is another promise. Oh man, Church, if you if you will get ahold of this it will get ahold of you. It's just like eating solid food. It will automatically do what it's supposed to do. It's like eating spiritual food; God will automatically do what he's called to do make you like his Son.

He who calls you is faithful, and he will do it. HE will do it! All you need to do is agree with him by humbling yourself and saying yes to the Lord.

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How hard is that? Actually, it's the hardest thing in the world because of self. Self is our problem. I want to do it my way, Lord. Do you realize that you've just told the Holy Spirit that he can't supernaturally make you grow anymore? I believe that he who called me is faithful. He's always faithful to do it. I love him. You see, if he left me in my own strength, I would just mess it up. I don't know about you, but I would do an outstanding job of messing things up.

But if I let him do it, and it's automatic. There have been times when I've gone to bed at night just feeling miserable after all hell had broken loose that day.

Expanding Capacity to Believe

Has that ever happened to you? The next morning, I woke up surprised. I was so happy, and all of that heaviness was gone! I just got up dancing. It was supernatural! It was something I couldn't have done in my own strength. You can't heal yourself. You can't help yourself. You can't change yourself, but you can yield, and God will do it for you. It's that simple. It's also the hardest thing because we say,. I want him to do what only he can do; lavish everything that Jesus purchased in me, all the grace he wants to give me, all the love he wants to give me, all the faith he wants to give me, all the Bible he wants to give me, all of himself that he wants to provide me with…and he wants to give me all of it.

His thoughts are greater toward me than the sands of the sea, and every one of them is for a future and a hope and a purpose to make me like his Son. Why in the world would we not let him do it? It's beside me. Well then, just go ahead and live in your pride. Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 says to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Fear and trembling means that I fear God, and I tremble at the thought of not doing his will.

I've got that written down in my Bible. It's not you, but God who is working in you. It's supernatural growth. He even gives us the will and the desire to obey him! Somebody said Christianity is like the boss calls and gives you a job, and you just show up, and then he does the job for you. Now, does that mean you don't need to do anything? But in his lifetime, he walked ten thousand miles; not in his strength, but by the grace of God working in him.

I want you to be encouraged, Church, because we are in awesome days! Just throw away every stupid controversy. What I care about is Christ, and him crucified, and me yielding myself to him to the degree that he can live his life through me. That's what we should be concerned with, Church because we are in a great day!

I've faced some tough situations. I've faced poverty when we had nothing. You've heard my testimony, but you know what I did? If I have to live in a tent, I will live in a tent and be blessed by God. I've never had to in a tent, but I have this conviction, this strength in my heart:. I'm going to live by the power of his healing power! I just let it flow in my life.

Our Father in Heaven

I consider him in regard to my health. Listen to me Church; you can allow to God strengthen you. All you have to do is humble yourself. This is good news! I'm giving you good news! You don't have to tell babies to grow. Just feed them, and when they're teenagers, they'll eat you out of house and home because their bodies are exploding. I can't eat the way I did when was a teenager, or I'd weigh pounds.

Man, I could eat and eat and eat. It's just same way spiritually. You can get yourself to such an extraordinary place that God's spiritual power is working through you, and you are being conformed to his image, and it just takes off and goes, and you have to run to catch with God on the inside of you. When you run a marathon, you can acquire a second wind.

Suddenly, something kicks in that boosts you up to another level. It's the same way in sports. I used to play football and when your adrenaline kicked in it just took you to a different level. It's like a rocket that lifts off with all that power, but when it gets up there and that second stage hits, it just takes off!

We grow spiritually the same way. You may feel like it's slow right now, but if you will let your heart be a seed of humility and stop talking about yourself and stop thinking about yourself and stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will start growing. Start magnifying God and say,. You will start growing. You will start changing. Your favorite TV program won't be as important as the Bread of Life.

You'll want to be still and just spend time in his presence. Because he is working it in you if you're letting him. The key is humbling yourself. This is the most wonderful news in the world! I can grow supernaturally by yielding to everything God has created me to be through Christ Jesus. I can let all of this grace work in me, and I've learned that the other side of the fence and the old man were not good news. This side is good news! I enjoy being filled with God. I trust this has encouraged you and strengthened you. I encourage you to take these scriptures because they will not mean anything unless you take them and meditate on them.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for what you're doing in my life. Father, I thank you for your people. Lord, I just I want to thank.

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