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Captain Kirk. But the story picks up steam, and I found myself hoping that the inevitable sequel would focus on the intriguing Fox.

"The Real Story of the Tooth Fairy" - Free Books & Children's Stories Online | StoryJumper

View all New York Times newsletters. Put-upon Elizabeth is a mensch we know this because she gives her gym shoes to a homeless woman on Page 1. Her mom has died, and her dad has remarried a shallow narcissist. And, entertainingly, everything has a Dewey decimal number. Parents do horrible things; they fail their children, and they kill them. The tone ricochets between lyrical and goofy.

And it all works. As the story progresses, it gets less and less faithful to the source material and becomes its own increasingly rich and strange thing. She was enchanted, not terrified. And no wonder. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Or is there?

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In this playful fairy tale, ever-skeptical Cat learns that wishes can come true—and not always in the ways we expect. After all, true magic lies in our connections with others, not just in the wishes we make. Push, pull, and slide the scenes to bring the classic story of Peter Pan to life.

This well-loved fairy tale is beautifully imagined for a new generation by illustrator Miriam Bos. With the help of her fintastic friends, Echo investigates whether or not fairies really DO exist in this sparkling Mermaid Tales adventure. Echo is excited when her Aunt Crabella and Uncle Leopold visit, especially since Aunt Crabella always has amazing stories about all of her many ocean travels.

But when Aunt Crabella tells Echo about the Hairy Fairy—a fairy that visits mermaids while they sleep and purposely tangles their hair—Echo is all set to catch the fairy in the act. But what will they find on their fairy hunt? Two hundred years ago, the Brothers Grimm published their famous collection of folk tales, including these thirty much-loved stories of helpful elves; giants who can see into the next land; foolish but good-hearted lads; princesses with golden hair; faithful servants and wicked queens. This sumptuously illustrated collection of essential Grimm classics includes stories every childhood needs: The Princess and the Frog, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and dozens more.

Each tale is brought to life with radiant, faithful pictures from Daniela Drescher, one of Germany's best-loved illustrators, which are sure to fire any child's imagination. Push, pull, and slide the scenes to bring the classic story of Snow White to life. Push, pull, and turn mechanisms bring the story to life and introduce all the main characters: Snow White, the friendly dwarfs, and of course the evil queen!

This well-loved fairytale is beautifully imagined for a new generation by children's illustrator Dan Taylor. Bound to serve a cruel master, Nant's curiosity never fails to get her into trouble. Some questions she had learned it was best not to ask, but every autumn the silver eels return, and so do her questions.

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  6. Where do they come from? And where do they go? Be ready to feel a little bit of magic, and perhaps a few shivers down the spine. Finding where you belong isn't easy. In this illustrated fractured fairy tale for kids, a book falls to the floor and a wolf tumbles out. The wolf needs to get back to his story, but a hungry cat has other ideas.

    The tooth fairy is only human

    Jumping from book to book, this wolf is on a journey to find a new home and to avoid becoming dinner. His sharp, pointy teeth don't help him fit in with the dinosaurs, and his shiny black fur doesn't get him into the ball. But a little girl in a red hood is waiting for someone just like him to arrive.

    For children and adults who enjoy playful twists on a classic story, The Wolf Who Fell Out of a Book's colorful illustrations and a "story-starter" ending are sure to keep your imagination turning even after the book is returned to its shelf. Thierry Robberecht is a children's author, graphic novel scriptwriter, and songwriter.

    This dad went above and beyond to prove the tooth fairy was real

    He lives in Brussels, where he devotes himself to a passion for literature. He illustrates children's picture books and contributes to children's magazines.

    Books for Kids: HOW TO TRICK THE TOOTH FAIRY read aloud

    This gorgeously illustrated, full-color classic celebrates a time before email by depicting amusing correspondence between fairy tale and Mother Goose characters. What could possibly be in a letter from Goldilocks to the Three Bears? Who would write to the Wicked Witch? Open this book, take out the letters, and discover what favorite characters would write to each other--and reimagine best-loved tales together.

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom far from here, there was a prince in line to take the throne, so his parents set out to find him a kind and worthy bride. The three of them traveled the land far and wide, but the prince didn't quite find what he was looking for in the princesses they met. While they were away, a terrible dragon threatened their land, and all the soldiers fled.

    The prince rushed back to save his kingdom from the perilous beast and was met by a brave knight in a suit of brightly shining armor. Together they fought the dragon and discovered that special something the prince was looking for all along. In a land where people flow between ocean and land, a seal and a fisherman sing together under a flowing moon. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos.

    Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Is the Tooth Fairy Real? But is it really just a Director: Lauris Beinerts. Writer: Lauris Beinerts. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?